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Channel Cerfing

With sound, image, and word, Chris Cerf teaches the basics.

Video: An Operatic Honorary Degree

At Commencement, tenor and honorand Plácido Domingo surprises Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an opera fan, during the conferral of her degree.

Video: A Pitcher’s Grips

Brent Suter ’12 demonstrates his two-seam fastball, four-seam fastball, curve, and change-up.

An Education in Dance

Watch a video about Movement Exchange, a program founded by Anna Else Pasternak ’07 to teach dance to orphans in Panama, and see highlights from last year’s performance.

Kosher Catering 101

Feast preparations by a caterer in a kosher kitchen, captured in a Harvard Magazine original video.

Skull Session

Take a tour of the human skull, and learn how shoes affect a runner’s gait, with Daniel Lieberman.

Studying Suicide

Learn about computerized tests that evaluate whether someone is at risk of attempting suicide. Plus, related links and an article from the magazine archives.