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Desmond Green ’17, Peryn Reeves-Darby ’18, Lethu Ntshinga ’18 (obscured), Genesis De Los Santos ’19, Angelica Chima ’19, Caleb Lewis ’17, and Jonathan Sands ’17 in rehearsal for Black Magic, a student-written and -directed show on the Loeb mainstage

Photograph by Stu Rosner


The Undergraduate looks at 1969 and Reclaim HLS


Photo of Harvard women’s basketball player Shilpa Tummala

Shilpa Tummala

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Post-surgery, a top athlete reestablishes herself.

November-December 2015

Jordan Weiers ’16 and Gabriela D.M. "Gaby" Ruiz-Colón ’16

Jordan Weiers ’16 and Gabriela D.M. "Gaby" Ruiz-Colón ’16

Photograph by Juliette Lynch

Harvard seniors honored for improving House life

November-December 2015

Illustration by David Wheeler

The Undergraduate contemplates books in a digital age.

November-December 2015

Scene at Freshman Convocation

Freshman Convocation

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Morning Prayers and Freshman Convocation themes, economists’ exodus, health benefits round two, and reengineering admissions

November-December 2015

For Harvard, the results point in particular to a problem in the College.

November-December 2015

Photo of Harvard football players heading onto the field

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Harvard’s greatest football coach—and one of the best anywhere

November-December 2015