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Seniors Alacha, Huckins, Hyland, Lam, and Shahawy win two or three years of study at Oxford.


Faust tells seniors to harness fear and work for the common good.


The night after Commencement, one year out


Elisabeth Newton, a Ph.D. candidate in astronomy, explains how scientists learn about planets via their stars.

TED-type talks on topics ranging from lizards to “micro-activism,” from doctoral candidates likely to define the futures of their fields.


A Harvard undergraduate ponders growing up and taking risks.


James M. Freeman wrote in his diary about having his picture taken in 1859

Harvard class albums from the early days of photography, on exhibit at Pusey Library

May-June 2015

A house on Memorial Drive becomes the master’s residence.

Along with fixing up the old things, something new for Winthrop House

May-June 2015