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Early-moring moving-in scenes, Harvard Yard, August 25

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC


Harvard Yard Move-ins, then and now


Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner, the French Revolution, and I


Peter Bol

An experiment in monitoring students’ engagements with lectures runs afoul of faculty concerns about the sanctity of classrooms.

January-February 2015

Undergraduates perform in the fall 2013 production of Mark Twain&rsquo;s<em> Is He Dead?</em> in the Adams Pool Theater.

An insider’s take on a major extracurricular interest

January-February 2015

Todd Preston says a strong mental game has been his biggest asset in college wrestling.

Wrestler Todd Preston wins—from the bottom up.

January-February 2015

Senior Wesley Saunders, easing in for a layup in the early- season loss to Holy Cross, led Harvard in scoring through the first six games, averaging 20.2 points per game.

Will Harvard men’s basketball live up to its pre-season billing?

January-February 2015

Michael George and Anna Hagen

Michael George and Anna Hagen will study at Oxford and Cambridge, respectively.