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Brian Powers is a rising fourth-year student in the MD-MBA program that Harvard Medical School jointly runs with the Business School.


Medical School student Brian Powers makes his opinions heard through prolific research and writing


Coping with what the college brochures don’t tell you

March-April 2015

The Harvard Women Engineers Code (WECode) conference encourages all genders in technology fields.


Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner, the French Revolution, and I


Peter Bol

An experiment in monitoring students’ engagements with lectures runs afoul of faculty concerns about the sanctity of classrooms.

January-February 2015

Undergraduates perform in the fall 2013 production of Mark Twain&rsquo;s<em> Is He Dead?</em> in the Adams Pool Theater.

An insider’s take on a major extracurricular interest

January-February 2015

Todd Preston says a strong mental game has been his biggest asset in college wrestling.

Wrestler Todd Preston wins—from the bottom up.

January-February 2015