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Photo of the exterior of Dunster House

The exterior of Dunster House
Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications


The first House to undergo full renovations welcomes back its residents.


Kennedy School mid-career-degree celebrants (from left) Tadahiro Ikemoto, M.P.H. ’14, M.P.A. ’15, of Japan, Zhuldyz Bakytzhanova, M.P.A. ’15, Sahar Albazar, M.P.A. ’15, of Egypt, and Alvaro Henzler, M.P.A. ’15, of Peru

A mannerly, serious-minded 364th Commencement, from Drew Faust and Deval L. Patrick to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

July-August 2015

Rakesh Khurana

Rakesh Khurana, dean of the College, asks hard questions about the mission of a Harvard education.

July-August 2015

A Gen Ed course teaches a booklover about science, and her parents.

July-August 2015

Margaret “Midge” Purce

On scoring in a low-scoring game

July-August 2015

Four Harvard seniors have won scholarships to study at Cambridge University

July-August 2015

In her opening remarks, physics professor Melissa Franklin stressed the importance of creating spaces where students can engage in hands-on learning.

Exploring innovative learning spaces at Harvard