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Desmond Green ’17, Peryn Reeves-Darby ’18, Lethu Ntshinga ’18 (obscured), Genesis De Los Santos ’19, Angelica Chima ’19, Caleb Lewis ’17, and Jonathan Sands ’17 in rehearsal for Black Magic, a student-written and -directed show on the Loeb mainstage

Photograph by Stu Rosner


The Undergraduate looks at 1969 and Reclaim HLS


Photograph by Jim Harrison

Harvard University’s Commencement week events

May-June 2016

Adrienne Jarocki ’17 (right) squares off against Yale's Joanna Lew.

Adrienne Jarocki ’17 (right) squares off against Yale's Joanna Lew.
Photograph by Billie Weiss

Two-time NCAA women’s fencing champion Adrienne Jarocki talks about the sport of “physical chess.” 


Khiara Bridges Photograph courtesy of Khiara Bridges

And why it is a subject of protest at Harvard Law School


The Ivy League announces post-season basketball tournaments.


Jerome Groopman

Jerome Groopman
Photograph courtesy of Jerome Groopman

The students in Jerome Groopman’s “Insights from Narratives of Illness” wrestle with the profound.


Steven E. Hyman

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications.

The report urges annual prevention training for faculty and students, more funding, and changes in final clubs.