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Photo of David Malan taking off his Harvard sweatshirt to reveal a Yale one

David Malan, revealing his Yale sweatshirt
Photograph by Ken Yanagisawa


Notes from New Haven, where the most popular course this semester hails from Harvard.


Early-morning moving-in scenes, Harvard Yard, August 25

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Harvard Yard Move-ins, then and now


Freshman convocation, Morning Prayers, and pending news on the University's agenda as the academic year begins


Asya Troychansky and researcher Henry Caba Escobar (center) interview a farmer in Guatemala
Photographs courtesy of Root Capital

Root Capital digs deep to determine whether, and how, low-income farmers benefit from access to financing.

September-October 2015

 Bailey Trela ’16 and Jenny Gathright ’16

Photograph by Stu Rosner

The magazine’s Ledecky Fellows provide an undergraduate perspective.

September-October 2015

Illustration by Sarah Hanson

The undergraduate finds an unexpected route to well-being.

September-October 2015

Illustration by Mark Steele

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

September-October 2015