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Articles: Students

Four young women of different ethnic backgrounds converse in a homey lounge

Illustration by Bodil Jane/Folio Art


The Undergraduate writes about the Harvard Women’s Center.


Image of sign on Adams House faculty dean residence

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JSR

Houseboating in Boston Harbor, Apthorp North, and clothing counts

May-June 2020

fencers celebrate a championship win

Cai (far left) and teammates swarm Filip Dolegiewiez, who clinched their Ivy title.

Photograph courtesy of Crimson Athletic Communications

How Harvard fencers won an Ivy championship

May-June 2020

A stylized plot of Lorenz's "butterfly effect" model against a black background with gold-toned curves wrapping themselves around unshown x and y axes, resembling the wings of a butterfly

A plot of Lorenz’s “butterfly effect” model: “curves wrapping themselves wildly around the and axes ”

Creative Commons

A student scientist contemplates power and the denial of scholarship.

May-June 2020

Students studying in the Barker Café

The way it was…a scene at the Barker Café

Photograph by Lauren Fadiman

Lauren Fadiman ’21 on being away from college, where one is never alone


Professor and platform: William C. Kirby logs on to Zoom from home for his first remote teaching session.

On taking a Harvard Gen Ed class remotely with William C. Kirby


Photograph by Allison Kern/Harvard Magazine

I feel lucky that I took for granted my Harvard experience before its abrupt end.


In a paper aimed at fellow educators, David Malan reports on interventions designed to teach academic honesty in the wildly popular introductory computer science course he teaches at Harvard. 


Photograph of the author's Harvard dorm room with chairs, sofa, posters

Photograph by Drew Pendergrass

“What will it mean to end our time on this campus with no closure, no time to reflect on what it all meant?”