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Photograph by River North Photography/iStock


“None of my friends are going to The Game, which is evidenced by the fact that we’re at IHOP deliberating whether our crêpes should come with lingonberry, and not on a shuttle into Boston.” 


Isa Flores-Jones and Catherine Zhang

Photographs courtesy of the subjects

The Ledecky Fellows provide an undergraduate perspective on life at Harvard.

September-October 2018

At Harvard African Students Association’s Africa Night (from left): Tom Osborn ’20 of Kenya; Joshua Benjamin ’21, of Phoenix, Arizona (whose ancestors are Angolan but were first brought to Charleston, South Carolina, in the late seventeenth century); Tawanda Mulalu ’20 of Botswana; and Mfundo Radebe ’20 of South Africa

Photograph by Christabel Narh

The Undergraduate looks at Harvard through an African filter.

September-October 2018

“Connections” and “Transformations” are both organized around frequent critique sessions,…

Image courtesy of Megan Panzano

Design courses enlarge the College curriculum.

September-October 2018

Lawrence S. Bacow
Photograph by Jonathan Shaw/Harvard Magazine

On the first day of classes, President Larry Bacow reminds students of the importance of reflection and contemplation.


Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

President Larry Bacow’s first Freshman Convocation 


FYRE’s student steering committee 

Photograph courtesy of FYRE

Harvard begins a program to acclimate freshmen from “historically marginalized communities.”


A FOP group looks out over a lake in New Hampshire, August 2015.

Photograph courtesy of FOP

Kenton Shimozaki ’19 reflects on lessons learned at Harvard’s First-Year Outdoor Program. 


Photograph of gymsuit by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

Lest young ladies’ “tides” be deranged

July-August 2018