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Green anole lizard

Photograph by PiccoloNamek/WikiCommons


How the polar vortex produced rapid evolution in lizards


The young Rachel Carson (1940); Abraham Lincoln, wearied by the Civil War (1864); and the Endurance in the crushing grip of polar ice

From Left: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Library of Congress (2)

The Business School’s Nancy Koehn analyzes the personal stakes that propel leaders.

September-October 2017

Derek Bok and other scholars weigh in on improving universities and colleges—and why that’s hard to do.

September-October 2017

Sunil Amrith

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The Bay of Bengal is central for this South Asia scholar.

September-October 2017

Illustration By Doug Panton

The combination of certain factors can determine whether a city is plagued with disease, or is a hub for innovation. 

September-October 2017

Andrew Womack excavating within kiln at Qijiaping in excavation unit T1 on May 15, 2017.

Photograph by Rowan Flad

Field notes from a summer archaeological expedition


Yale-NUS, an ambitious Singapore-based experiment in liberal arts, is built around this central courtyard.

Photograph courtesy of Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS, Nicholas Lemann, and Minerva remodel liberal arts for the twenty-first century.

July-August 2017

Faced with many candidates from the same party, as in the 2016 Republican primary, voters tend to choose celebrities.

Photograph by Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Why people vote for celebrities—even when they say they don’t want to.

July-August 2017

Illustration by John Holcroft

Domestic outsourcing, not globalization, has redefined employer-employee ties.

July-August 2017