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Ashton Carter

Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter performing an oath of enlistment ceremony, Chicago, July 28, 2016

Courtesy of Department of Defense Photo


The former U.S. Secretary of Defense rejoins the faculty in a new role.


Michael D. Smith

Courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

A faculty committee considers if there are other means to achieve the non-discrimination goals of a social-organizations policy.


Mark Zuckerberg: an honorary doctoral gown to go with that iconic gray T-shirt

Courtesy of Facebook

The University announces Facebook’s CEO as its headliner for May 25.


A tradition transformed, to prepare for undergraduate education across the river.


Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust spoke with journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates after his keynote address.

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo

A Radcliffe Institute conference highlights universities' role—and debates how to come to terms with their past.


Doug Melton and Kay Kaufman Shelemay

Photographs from left: Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs & Communications and courtesy of Kay Kaufman Shelemay.

An implementation committee suggests consistent and expanded application of a policy regarding single-gender social organizations.


Photograph by Chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons

A business model struggles to stay alive.


Martha Minow

Photograph by Ken Richardson

An appreciation of Harvard Law dean Martha Minow


Sharmila Sen

Photograph by Spencer Lenfield

Sharmila Sen on making a life in the humanities.