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Shield of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Shield of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study


During the pandemic, a virtual fellowship year looms.



Photograph of Claudine Gay

Claudine Gay, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Photograph courtesy of Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The last regular Faculty of Arts and Sciences meeting of the year, convened remotely, addresses teaching, finances, and climate change.


Birder David Barrett pictured at Central Park

Barrett at a favorite birding site overlooking Turtle Pond, in Central Park, with Manhattan’s Upper East Side beyond

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer

A quest to chronicle New York City’s avian community

May-June 2020

Photograph of student moving out of Eliot House for coronavirus social distancing

An unseasonable move-out: packing up at Eliot House

Photograph by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The sudden dispersal from Cambridge and Boston, Commencement postponed, and the looming financial consequences

May-June 2020

Students studying in the Barker Café

The way it was…a scene at the Barker Café

Photograph by Lauren Fadiman

Lauren Fadiman ’21 on being away from college, where one is never alone


University Hall
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

“We cannot proceed as if nothing has changed,” FAS dean Claudine Gay wrote. “Everything has changed." 


The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 
Photograph by Lydia Carmichael/Harvard Magazine

And the term bill exceeds $70,000 for the first time. 


Professor and platform: William C. Kirby logs on to Zoom from home for his first remote teaching session.

On taking a Harvard Gen Ed class remotely with William C. Kirby


In a paper aimed at fellow educators, David Malan reports on interventions designed to teach academic honesty in the wildly popular introductory computer science course he teaches at Harvard.