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David M. Rubenstein
Courtesy The Carlyle Group


An orderly, future succession, from educator to investment manager, on the senior governing board


The Athenian statesman Pericles

Timely insights from an ancient field


David T. Ellwood and Cherry A. Murray

Departing government and engineering deans, Rhodes and Marshall Scholars, Crimson-Eli computer-science course, and more

January-February 2015

As early applications soar, 977 candidates are admitted to the class of 2019.


Lecture celebrates the release of American Art at Harvard, Volume One


William F. Lee, senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation

From the capital campaign to strategic priorities: a Harvard Corporation perspective on the institution at year-end


Kara Walker's most recent work of public art, known as <i>A Subtlety,</i> made news months after its closing, when she produced a video, <i>An Audience,</i> compiling visitor reactions to the work in its final hours.

At the Radcliffe Institute, the artist unraveled some of the mysteries of her installation, <i>A Subtlety.</i>