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David M. Rubenstein
Courtesy The Carlyle Group


An orderly, future succession, from educator to investment manager, on the senior governing board


A Harvard faculty member and several alumni number among the finalists.


<i>Triangle Constellation</i>, by the Mexican-born artist Carlos Amorales, was installed in the Calderwood Courtyard of the Harvard Art Museums on April 15. Suspended by steel trusses that are part of the rafters under the glass roof, the sculpture’s lowest point hangs just 10 feet above the floor.

A new sculpture, calibrated to help the Harvard Art Museums achieve balance


Data details progress through FY14.


A Harvard undergraduate ponders growing up and taking risks.


John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, makes a point.

A panel of experts debates the best path forward.


Deuxave&rsquo;s updated French menu, detailed

Celebrating the graduates and their families, without the throng

May-June 2015