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Harvard's Endowment declines 1.9 Billion



A negative investment return and annual spending reduce the endowment’s value 5.1 percent.


More than 20 pieces of type dug up in Harvard Yard have been dated to the seventeenth century.

Archaeologists examine printing type found deep in Harvard Yard.


Atticus Lish

He is honored for his debut novel, <i>Preparation for the Next Life.</i>


Harvard and MIT researchers mine masses of data about online learning—and begin to address applications to campus classrooms.


The new students, and the advent of the $60,000-plus term bill


Marie Heaney, the poet's widow, in the newly dedicated Heaney suite.

Adams House members, past and present, dedicate a suite to the Irish poet who lived among them.


Scott Cook

The founder of Intuit will speak at Harvard Business School Class Day.


Assistant professor of public policy Maya Sen, professor of government Stephen Ansolabehere, <i>New York Times</i> data journalist Nate Cohn, and Indiana University assistant professor Bernard Fraga discuss quantitative research on voting rights.

Why good data are essential to understanding the Voting Rights Act


Sven Beckert

His <i>Empire of Cotton: A Global History</i> puts slavery in an international context.