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A flier for last Friday’s symposium at Radcliffe


A Radcliffe Institute symposium examines the recent policies—and politics—of the U.S. health system.


Celeste Ng

Photograph © Kevin Day Photography

Celeste Ng’s nimble second novel traces a cross-cultural drama in her Midwestern hometown. 


President Drew Faust and HLS professor Annette Gordon-Reed unveil a monument dedicated to people enslaved by law school benefactor Isaac Royall.

Photograph by Jon Chase/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Harvard Law School recognizes its ties to slavery. 


President Drew Faust

President Faust urges Congress to protect undocumented students through legislative means. 


Memorial Church

Drew Faust reflects on the University's purpose at the last start-of-semester Morning Prayers of her Harvard presidency.


The Harvard University Band welcomes first-years to Convocation. 

Photograph by Marina Bolotnikova/Harvard Magazine

Speakers reflect on the goals of a liberal arts university. 


University Hall

Photograph by Bostonian13/Wikipedia

A new motion aims to bring the proposed ban before the full Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Photograph by iStock Images

Alec Karakatsanis puts “human caging” and “wealth-based detention” in America on trial.

September-October 2017

Faculty and staff advisory committees unveiled