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"Africa for Beginners"

At “slave castles” and the University of Ghana, Audrey White ’10 researches the slave trade.

Hello from Havana

Raúl Castro is changing Cuba. Will the United States respond?

Mapping Africa

Africa Map, a project of Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis, brings GIS capabilities to research on the entire continent.

Helping Those Most in Need

With support from the Center on the Developing Child, Harvard scholars aim to help some of the most vulnerable groups of children.

Counterterrorism and Democracy

The most effective ways to fight terrorism do not involve important tradeoffs between security and democratic principles.

A Window on Beijing

The Olympics focused global attention generally on air pollution in China, and particularly on air quality in Beijing.

Greening China

Market-based policies for air-pollution control

Shanghai Central

Harvard on July 1 opened the newest in an expanding network of international offices, in Shanghai, and is scheduled to launch another in Beijing…

Eye on Iran and Israel

“[T]his autumn may be Israel’s last and best chance to go after Iran’s nuclear capability,” Feldman wrote in the New York Times Magazine recently…

Good-bye to HMI

There is a revolution afoot in international healthcare. Wealthy foreigners still come to the United States—to the Mayo Clinic, say, or to…

Connecting with China

China disorients the visitor. The scale and bustle of its cities—propelled by the greatest economic growth and urban migration in…