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An 1849 portrait of Bond by Cephas Giovanni Thompson

Portrait courtesy of Harvard University Portrait Collection, H180. Image: Imaging Department © President and Fellows of Harvard College


Brief life of Harvard's first astronomer: 1789-1859


Landon Richard, age 4, feeds Cosmo, a one-month-old goat. Cosmo is on the staff of Animal Craze, a local traveling farm.

Petting zoo on the Plaza, a Harvard/Yale man, and a late-blooming novelist

November-December 2013

Alan Nawoj winning the 2013 Antarctica Marathon

A race in Antarctica, a rescue on Everest, a dip into the past

September-October 2013

From the pages of the <i>Harvard Alumni Bulletin</i> and <i>Harvard Magazine</i>

September-October 2013

The arch of the delicate Class of 1870 Gate acts like a raised eyebrow, perfectly framing a view of Holden Chapel's ornate blue gable. The gate has been locked for decades, preventing pedestrians along Massachusetts Avenue from entering the chapel's intimate courtyard.

A new e-book explores the history of Harvard Yard’s 25 gates.


From the pages of the <i>Harvard Alumni Bulletin</i> and <i>Harvard Magazine</i>

July-August 2013

One among many: Harvard Business School pioneer Robin Wigger, suitably attired, in class among fellow M.B.A. students, circa 1970

A Baker Library | Bloomberg Center exhibit helps commemorate women’s history at the school.

July-August 2013