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Illustration by Mark Steele


An elephant race, and more from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine


More than 20 pieces of type dug up in Harvard Yard have been dated to the seventeenth century.

Archaeologists examine printing type found deep in Harvard Yard.


Marie Heaney, the poet's widow, in the newly dedicated Heaney suite.

Adams House members, past and present, dedicate a suite to the Irish poet who lived among them.


Harvard’s collection of early American paintings are mostly portraits, all men.

March-April 2015

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

March-April 2015

Lafayette became a friend of American artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse, who depicted him with Revolutionary icons Washington and Franklin in this 1826 portrait.

Brief life of an American champion: 1757-1834

March-April 2015

Here lies an eager patriot.

Love Story locale, and other passionate pursuits

March-April 2015

See you. A much-admired pair of legs and shoes disappear into a window above the shops on Haight Street, San Francisco. The Reichardts have seen it all.

Baez, Dylan, and more vignettes from Harvard’s class of 1964

January-February 2015

A researcher hopes to contact volunteer participants in “truth sera” experiments.

January-February 2015