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The long-gone Dudley Gate, caught with no hands on its clock

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard University Archives


A nitty-gritty guide by a Nieman Fellow and his team.


Marie Heaney, the poet's widow, in the newly dedicated Heaney suite.

Adams House members, past and present, dedicate a suite to the Irish poet who lived among them.


Harvard’s collection of early American paintings are mostly portraits, all men.

March-April 2015

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

March-April 2015

Lafayette became a friend of American artist and inventor Samuel F.B. Morse, who depicted him with Revolutionary icons Washington and Franklin in this 1826 portrait.

Brief life of an American champion: 1757-1834

March-April 2015

Here lies an eager patriot.

Love Story locale, and other passionate pursuits

March-April 2015

See you. A much-admired pair of legs and shoes disappear into a window above the shops on Haight Street, San Francisco. The Reichardts have seen it all.

Baez, Dylan, and more vignettes from Harvard’s class of 1964

January-February 2015