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Memorial Hall burning in September 1956—with flames beyond the reach of firefighting apparatus

Photograph by William Simon


A fresh source for Harvard humor, a critique embedded in a memorium, and historic photos of a famous campus fire


Harvard bestirs itself for the fall term.


Kit Reed at work, April 1977

Photograph by Christopher S. Johnson

A distinctive Harvard Magazine voice remembered

September-October 2016

Robert M. Pennoyer, age 19, on duty in 1944

Robert M. Pennoyer, age 19, on duty in 1944

Photograph courtesy of Robert M. Pennoyer

A member of the class of 1946 on the horrors, and humor, of World War II.

September-October 2016

Illustration by Mark Steele

From the pages of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

September-October 2016

Advocate editors playing to the camera circa 1900-1910

Courtesy of Harvard University Archives

The Harvard Advocate turns 150.

September-October 2016

When The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted Drew Faust in her pre-Harvard days


The long-gone Dudley Gate, caught with no hands on its clock

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard University Archives

A nitty-gritty guide by a Nieman Fellow and his team.

July-August 2016

In this 1835 portrait by Charles Osgood, Bowditch sits with the first two volumes of his Mécanique Céleste translation, as a bust of Laplace looks on.

Image © 2006 Peabody Essex Museum/Photograph by Mark Sexton

Brief life of a mathematician and businessman: 1773-1839

July-August 2016