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Henry Rosovsky

Photograph by Jim Harrison


A tribute to Henry Rosovsky from Harvard Magazine


James M. Freeman wrote in his diary about having his picture taken in 1859

Harvard class albums from the early days of photography, on exhibit at Pusey Library

May-June 2015

Altrocchi at his home in Reno. The goalpost has to go.

Goalpost antics, Harvard vinegar, and the flip-flop menace

May-June 2015

From the pages of the <i>Harvard Alumni Bulletin</i> and <i>Harvard Magazine</i>

May-June 2015

Nuttall during his time at Harvard (the circa 1828 portrait is attributed to J. Whitfield)

Brief life of a pioneering naturalist: 1786-1859

May-June 2015

Calvert W. Watkins

Astonishing linguist Calvert Watkins

May-June 2015

More than 20 pieces of type dug up in Harvard Yard have been dated to the seventeenth century.

Archaeologists examine printing type found deep in Harvard Yard.