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Harvard Finances

Liquidity and Leverage

Understanding the University’s financial challenges—beyond the endowment’s fall

Layoffs Begin

The University has begun laying off employees, part of its efforts to reduce costs to cope with the projected 30 percent decline in the value of the endowment.

The Early Retirees

The University has disclosed information on the staff members, by school, who were offered and who accepted its voluntary early-retirement incentive program.

EVP Forst to Leave Harvard

Updated May 28. Executive Vice President Ed Forst, who joined Harvard last fall and helped shape the University’s financial strategy, is returning to New York.

Stanford Imposes Deeper Cuts, Too

Updated. Citing the deepening economic and financial crises, Stanford has decided to make deeper expense cuts in the next fiscal year; Yale recently imposed deeper cuts, too.

In the Hole

Harvard assesses the feasibility of completing capital projects now under way, and the timing of other parts of its institutional master plan.

The Fiscal Crunch

Harvard and its schools are preparing for broad and potentially deep cost reductions.