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John Wang’s installation “100+ Years at 73 Brattle,” winner of Radcliffe’s biennial art competition 

Photograph by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute


John Wang ’16, winner of Radcliffe’s public art competition, reflects on art and historical perspective. 


A drawing of the 20 x 24 camera presented to Polaroid shareholders at the 1982 annual meeting

Diagram of 20 x 24 camera from Annual Meeting, May 1982. Polaroid Corporation Administrative Records, Baker Library, Harvard Business School.

Why did Polaroid build cameras this big?

September-October 2017

James Coe’s backyard and frog pond are worthy of their own plein air paintings.

Photograph by Stu Rosner

Landscape and bird artist James Coe reflects the Hudson Valley

September-October 2017

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

September-October 2017

The world’s most famous fruit-plucking: detail from Hugo van der Goes, The Fall (after 1479)

Painting detail from Bridgeman Images

Stephen Greenblatt explores the myths and meanings of Adam and Eve.

September-October 2017

The artist as master colorist: Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat (Femme au Chapeau), 1905

Wikimedia Commons

John Kenneth Galbraith’s letters, Linda Greenhouse, color in art, and more

September-October 2017

Malka Older

Courtesy of Malka Older

Sci-fi meets the political thriller.

September-October 2017

Ensemble members reminisce in Party People, about the Black Panthers and Young Lords.

Photograph by Jenny Graham

Historical plays for a nation “stuck in the middle”

September-October 2017

The young Rachel Carson (1940); Abraham Lincoln, wearied by the Civil War (1864); and the Endurance in the crushing grip of polar ice

From Left: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Library of Congress (2)

The Business School’s Nancy Koehn analyzes the personal stakes that propel leaders.

September-October 2017