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Logic Magazine

Logic Magazine launch

Photograph  by Joy Ding


Four alums foster Logic, a new magazine focusing on a complex tech world on fire.


Image courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology/ © President and Fellows of Harvard College

The Peabody Museum 150th is a showcase for the origins and evolution of anthropology.

May-June 2017

Bundy portrait

James Bundy, on the Assassins set

Photograph by Jim Harrison

A look at James Bundy ’81, dean of the Yale School of Drama

May-June 2017

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

May-June 2017

A Conservative Party poster, circa 1900, the year the precursor of the Labour Party first participated in a general election

Poster from Getty Images

Scholarly lessons from Europe prove pertinent today.

May-June 2017

The Vineyard’s south shore, from the Wequobsque Cliffs to Lucy Vincent Beach: inviting—and endangered

Photograph by David R. Foster

A natural history of Martha’s Vineyard, and other books with Harvard connections

May-June 2017

Justin Lee

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Justin Lee's essential, “invisible,” work at the Harvard Art Museums

May-June 2017

Willa Cather, finance expert

Photograph courtesy of the Nebraska State Historical Society

A Business School professor ties finance and humanities together.

May-June 2017

Portrait of Claudia Schreier in rehearsal

Choreographer Claudia Schreier, in rehearsal

Photograph by Rosalie O’Connor

A choreographer's career, taking shape

May-June 2017