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Logic Magazine

Logic Magazine launch

Photograph  by Joy Ding


Four alums foster Logic, a new magazine focusing on a complex tech world on fire.


The Brookline birthplace of John F. Kennedy

Photograph courtesy of the National Park Service, John F. Kennedy National Historic Site

Centennial celebrations for John F. Kennedy in Brookline

May-June 2017

Barry Van Dusen’s barn swallow (nesting at Stone Barn Farm)

Courtesy of Barry Van Dusen

A trip to Mass Audubon’s unique art museum

May-June 2017

The Asa Gray Garden honors the Harvard botanist

Courtesy of Mount Auburn Cemetery

Springtime at Mount Auburn Cemetery

May-June 2017

Steampunk style merges “neo-Victorian fashion with retro-futuristic technology.”

Photograph by Bobbi Lane

Steampunk Festival celebrates art and history in Waltham, Massachusetts

May-June 2017

Image courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology/ © President and Fellows of Harvard College

The Peabody Museum 150th is a showcase for the origins and evolution of anthropology.

May-June 2017

Justin Lee

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Justin Lee's essential, “invisible,” work at the Harvard Art Museums

May-June 2017

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Recreating the Philosophy Chamber

May-June 2017

A Thai fortunetelling manuscript from the early nineteenth century, held at Houghton Library

Photograph courtesy of Houghton Library/Harvard College Library Imaging Services

An undergraduate’s view of the collections at Houghton Library, from the inside looking out.