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A still image from the film, This is Love, showing Rudy Love in shadowed profile

InThis is Love,filmmakers John Alexander and JC Guest document Rudy Love’s scattered, euphoric, tumultuous life.

Image courtesy of The Love Story LLC


John Alexander follows the ups and downs of funk musician Rudy Love.


A replica of a textile mill shows life-like statues of workers.

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(1 of 3) Exhibits, like this replica of a textile-mill floor, reveal long days of grueling work on dangerous mill machinery.

Photograph courtesy of the Museum of Work & Culture

Woonsocket’s historic French-Canadian community

May-June 2020

Scenic view of historic Slater Mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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(1of 7) Old Slater Mill site

Photograph courtesy of Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park

Tracing America’s industrial roots in the Blackstone River Valley

May-June 2020

Architectural plan for Widener Library

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Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/HPAC

Widener Library’s overlooked designer

May-June 2020

Henry Cobb at the 2017 Harvard Commencement
Photograph by Jim Harrison

The celebrated architect and Design School professor died earlier this week. 


Increasing your property’s value

March-April 2020

Cozy Map Room Tea Lounge with books, bar, and vaulted ceiling

The casual Map Room Tea Lounge offers “bar bites,” like the charcuterie board and tartines
Photograph by Binita Patel


The Boston Public Library’s cozy winter hideout

January-February 2020

Harvard Mount Washington cabin in the snow

Built in 1962, the off-the-grid, one-room cabin is popular among ice climbers and back-country skiers.

Photograph by David Leonard

The Harvard Mountaineering Club’s Mount Washington cabin

January-February 2020

Provincetown harbor in the winter

Provincetown’s winter harbor
Photograph by Age Fotostock/Alamy Stock Photo

Just enough art, culture, terrific food, and lively conversation....

January-February 2020