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Jennifer 8. Lee
Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC


Jennifer 8. Lee ’99 on the world of “emoji activism” 


Michele Forman (center) and her students filmed at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama, for a project to raise awareness about the history of lynching.

Photograph by Kenzie Greer

Michele Forman ’93 offers her UAB film students technical competency and ethical context.

March-April 2019

A.J. Mleczko interviews Buffalo Sabre Jason Pominville before a November game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Her broadcasting career began in 2005 with a cold call from NBC.

Photograph by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

Hockey champion A.J. Mleczko in the broadcast booth

March-April 2019

David Garza on the roof of Henry Street Settlement’s youth-services building, with public housing and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church beyond

Photograph by Robert Adam Mayer

At Henry Street Settlement, David Garza ’86 is not locking anyone out.

March-April 2019

After the harvest, Kelby Russell, who makes cold-climate white wines, stands in a vineyard overlooking New York’s Seneca Lake.

Photograph by Robyn Wishna

Why the vineyards of New York called Kelby Russell home

January-February 2019

Liz Glynn

Photograph by Evelena Ruether/Liz Glynn Studio

In Liz Glynn’s massive installations, big questions about the meaning of value

January-February 2019

Cellist and teacher Laurence Lesser is celebrating his forty-fifth year at the New England Conservatory of Music.

Photograph by Andrew Hurlbut

A cellist and conservatory teacher who has never stopped learning

January-February 2019

Merriner with members of the high-school cross-country team from Galena’s Sidney C. Huntington School, named for a legendary Alaska Native outdoorsman and education advocate.

Photograph courtesy of Paul Apfelbeck

In rural Alaska, Jim Merriner runs a school district with a major educational footprint across the state.

November-December 2018

For Jill Vialet, photographed at Oakland’s Laurel Elementary School, play and work are nearly synonymous.

Photograph by Eric Kayne

Social entrepreneur Jill Vialet ’86 on “positive chaos” and fixing recess

November-December 2018