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One of Evidence Action's flagship programs is Dispensers for Safe Water, a rural water service that maintains chlorine dispensers in communities in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda that lack access to safe drinking water. Photograph courtesy of Evidence Action


Evidence Action strives to make international development cost-effective.


In the film, David Thorpe does voice exercises designed to make him sound "less gay."

Photograph courtesy of IFC Films

David Thorpe’s new film Do I Sound Gay? de-stigmatizes the “gay voice.”


Jesse Aron Green, Still from "Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik," 2008. HD video, 80 minutes. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Louise Haskell Daly Fund, 2014.123.

A still from the 80-minute video component of Green's exhibit, "Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik" (2008)
Image © Jesse Aron Green

Harvard Art Museums’ installation and film series by Jesse Aron Green ’02


A recent Harvard Law graduate recounts a case in Bavaria.


“Swing Time” is an interactive installation on Lawn on D, a park in South Boston.

Eric Höweler and Meejin Yoon design swings for all.


Self-effacing senior fellow, senior reunioners, silent protests, and more

July-August 2015

Andrew Manuel Crespo

Andrew Crespo ’05 connects the law to real life.

July-August 2015