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Articles tagged President Drew Faust


Honorand Seymour Slive’s passing, Presidents Faust and Summers together, sexual-assault reforms, and more

Is Harvard Cool?

A letter from the editor: the Harvard-Stanford competition grows more intense.

Laugh Lines

Fun during Commencement week: Salman Kahn on the luxe Business School, Mindy Kaling on why law rocks, Michael R. Bloomberg on strong-armed fundraising, and a helmeted Latinist

Graduating, Briskly

The University’s 363rd Commencement, featuring George H. W. Bush, Aretha Franklin, Michael R. Bloomberg, and more

Addressing Sexual Assaults

Harvard reacts to sexual assaults with new policies and a task force to address issues of campus culture.

The Divestment Debate

The temperature rises as students, faculty members, and administrators disagree on University investments in fossil-fuel producers.

Talks, and a Text

President Drew Faust on universities’ role, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on tolerance, and a seventieth reunion puts learning and life in perspective

Commencement Confetti

Class of 2014 careers and concerns, hockey jersey for the Corporation’s senior fellow, degrees conferred, and more