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Articles tagged pedagogy

HILT Grants Announced

Chosen from a field of 255, 47 awards will stimulate innovation in learning and teaching.

Active Learning in Action

Video clips of Professor Eric Mazur on innovative teaching techniques, as well as faculty conversations on active learning.

Twilight of the Lecture

“Active learning” may overthrow the style of teaching that has ruled universities for 600 years.

Investing in Learning 
and Teaching

A $40-million gift jump-starts a University initiative to adapt learning and teaching to twenty-first-century opportunities and challenges.

New Settings for Fine Art

As a redesigned museum rises, curators choose works for display and plan to increase faculty involvement in the process.

“Wonder in the Bewilderness”

Academic freedom for students should mean the freedom to study what they want, without regard to categories or rigid boundaries and rules.

Learning About Teaching

Readers recall effective, innovative education—and more Faculty of Arts and Sciences “conversations” on pedagogy.