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President Drew Faust

President Drew Faust and...

The Corporation’s senior fellow invites ideas in the search for Drew Faust’s successor.

7.11.17 | News

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard will appeal the ruling to the national board. 

7.11.17 | News

The renovated Wimbledon House

Photograph by Iwan Baan

The Graduate of School of Design opens its renovated Wimbledon House.

6.30.17 | News
Photograph by Zmeel Photography /iStock

Photograph by Zmeel Photography /iStock

Berkman Klein researchers find censorship of Wikipedia is declining.

6.29.17 | Research

Abigail DeVille’s New York at Dawn

Photograph by Melissa Blackall/The Cooper Gallery

The Cooper Gallery’s new exhibit explores a neighborhood’s identity.

6.27.17 | Arts


Photograph by Bernhard Staehli/iStock

Carbon released by thawing tundra is enough to double atmospheric CO2.

6.23.17 | Research
Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus subtilis

Image by Jezperklauzen/iStock

Harvard researchers review how gut bacteria can transform ingested compounds.

6.22.17 | Research

Gull eggs and a recently hatched chick

Photograph by M.C. Stoddard

Adaptations for flight may have driven the shape of birds’ eggs.

6.22.17 | Science

Post-Title IX, more women have entered competitive sports like basketball.

Courtesy of Schlesinger Library

How Title IX expanded women’s opportunities in sports

6.20.17 | Arts

An artistic rendering of the future WE ALL installation

Courtesy of the Graduate School of Design

The “WE ALL” art installation aims to foster connections between Harvard and Allston.

6.16.17 | News