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Grad Students Call on Harvard to Remain Neutral in Union Bid


Hundreds of graduate students gathered at the Science Center plaza for a “union block party” Thursday afternoon, calling on Harvard to let them form a labor union. The demonstration culminated a year of vocal activism for student unionization at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

Jimmy Vesey Looks Back


More than anything else, he will miss his teammates, the guys he’s shared a rink and a bus and a bunk with for four years—and the coaches and trainers and everybody else behind the bench and on the ice (and piloting the Zamboni) at Bright-Landry Hockey Center. “We have a really good family, so to speak, across the river at the rink,” says Jimmy Vesey ’16, senior co-captain of the Harvard men’s hockey team.

Klarman Hall Breaks Ground


Under a dazzling spring sky, with just a hint of cirrus on the horizon—temperatures in the 70s, shadbushes and weeping cherries in full bloom, and leaves bursting to unfurl from every bush and tree on campus—Harvard Business School (HBS) this afternoon formally launched construction of Klarman Hall, its large new auditorium-conference-convening center complex.

Bard in the Yard


Recently, it was announced that a new copy of William Shakespeare’s First Folio, a collection of his plays published in 1623, was discovered on the Scottish isle of Bute. Fittingly, the Folio—one of just 234 known existing copies in the world—surfaced a handful of weeks before the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death, on April 23.

Cryptic Puzzle: “Gift”


SOLVE THE MOST recent creation of puzzlemaker John de Cuevas ’52.  Check back May 15 for hints and solution.


Harvard’s Allston Science and Engineering Complex Approved


The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) has unanimously approved Harvard’s plans for the $1-billion John A.

Through the Toilet Bowl, and What I Found There


I was always going to attend Harvard College, or at least so I imagined.

Sitting in the back of my father’s 1993 Ford Explorer, I was four when I asked him, “What is college?” I had learned the word that day at my daycare in a conversation I overheard. 

My dad responded, “It’s where you go to school after you finish high school.”

“What’s the best college?” I asked.


“I want to go to Harvard.”

And 13 years later, I was accepted. 

“When You Hear These Lectures, They're All Me”


“These lectures are hard for me,” Toni Morrison, Litt.D. ’89, told her Sanders Theatre audience at her penultimate Norton Lecture. Years ago when she gave the Tanner Lectures at Harvard, she explained, the persistent questions from her literature students had aided the development of her argument: “Now, when you hear these lectures, they’re all me.”