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1,600 First Dates

Harvard Yard Move-ins, then and now


With a few hours to kill while visiting Cambridge this summer, I dropped by a favorite place, the University Archives.

The Semester Begins


The University’s pace accelerates from summer’s relative somnolence to full-bore fall activity as students and faculty members return to Cambridge and Boston for the new academic year. Among highlights scheduled early in the fall semester are:

How To Harvard—Advice From 14 College Alumni


Harvard Magazine asked recent reunioners to reflect on their undergraduate experience: what they wish they had done, how could they have spent the four years better, and what advice they have for current undergraduates on making the most of their time at Harvard.


“I wish I’d taken even more CS classes.”

Susan D. Wojcicki ’90 is the CEO of YouTube. She concentrated in history and literature.

Has Harvard’s Endowment Stopped Growing?


Trees don’t grow to the sky. Nor, apparently, do financial investments.

Cryptic Puzzle: "Song"


Solve the most recent creation of puzzlemaker John de Cuevas ’52. Check back September 15 for hints and solution. 


How Clean Is John Harvard?


Editor’s note: Readers should note that this article covers one of the least socially correct of Harvard undergraduate pranks.

The John Harvard statue is probably the most touched object in the University. Its left foot is subjected to almost incessant rubbing by tourists who believe that the act brings good luck; the standard pose, for photos, is to place a hand on John Harvard’s shoe, which has become shiny from the human contact.

A Conversation with Mia Alvar ’00


“Relax! Love’s a miracle, not a disaster,” a man counsels his doubtful younger sister in a short story by Mia Alvar ’00. Soon enough, he learns—as all the characters of her book, In The Country, do—that love costs. Alvar’s collection explores different corners of the Filipino diaspora, stretching from Bahrain to Boston.

Harvard Adds Five Computer Scientists to Faculty


Five accomplished computer scientists are among nine new hires who will join the faculty of the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) this fall, the school announced on August 6. SEAS has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2007, even as the number of undergraduate computer-science concentrators has increased by a factor of four.

Celebrating Alice


One and a half centuries after Alice first fell down the rabbit hole, she has arrived at one of Cambridge’s most serious places: Houghton Library, Harvard’s primary repository for rare books and manuscripts.

A Gay Man Asks A Tough Question


David Thorpe ’91 was a fresh-out-of-the-closet sophomore when he decided to take a break from Harvard. He was too caught up with his newly public sexuality to focus on schoolwork—“I need to find out who I am before I can sit in the library and read Hegel”—so he packed up and left for Key West, a popular destination for gay people at the time. Many island residents, from the postman to the pizza deliveryman, were gay. He worked in a clothing store, read in the library, and spent time on the beach.