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New England Regional Advertising

Distribution: Harvard Magazine’s New England Regional Section offers advertisers the unique and valuable opportunity to target an affluent, educated, and influential, local New England audience – and to acquire relationships with all of the alumni, faculty and staff of Harvard University.

Advertisers: Harvard Magazine Advertising Partners gain visibility by supporting the content Harvard alumni depend on. The New England Regional Section contains targeted, local, editorial content geared to satisfy our New England based audience (events, news, happenings, profiles and reviews). Advertising partners benefit by sharing their message alongside this content. This is a key reason the magazine attracts such local advertisers as: Cambridge Trust, The Charles Hotel, Canyon Ranch, Hammond Real Estate, Veritas Hotel, BMW Gallery Group, The Langham Hotel, Coldwell Banker and Lux, Bond & Green.

Packages: The New England Regional Section offers many customized marketing options with substantial discount and added-value packages available depending upon each client’s specific needs.

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Print, web, e-newsletters, inserts, special advertising sections, events


Median age: 54
Male/Female: 51%/49%  
Median Household income: $205,719
Median Net Worth: $1,246,273
Median value Principal residence: $591,590




Rate Base:

78,000 New England
(60,000 directly surrounding Boston, 20,000 Harvard alumni, faculty and staff in Cambridge)