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Ike, in a photo likely taken in the late 1940s when he was Army Chief of Staff, playing bridge with General Alfred Gruenther and others


In Evan Thomas’s new biography, President Eisenhower emerges as a canny nuclear strategist.

Arts Imbalance

Peter Agoos ’75 brightened Boston’s public art scene this summer.
On high: The Alden, 225 Central Park West, in Manhattan, from <i>Up on the Roof</i>

Off the Shelf

Recent books by John Updike, Marjorie Garber, George Vaillant, Thomas McGraw, and others with Harvard connections


Cambridge 02138

Letters on American competitiveness, free will, climate change, and more

Right Now

Soda and Violence

A Harvard School of Public Health study links soda to teen violence.

Mapping Cultural Change

The General Social Survey asks Americans about issues from race to free speech, confirming some trends and contradicting popular reports of others.

New England Regional

Ambient lighting and comfy chairs star in the second-floor dining room.

Solid Style

Fine French fare within sight of the Public Garden

John Harvard's Journal

The Corporation, Complete

Harvard’s senior governing board completes its expansion to 13 members, electing Jessica Tuchman Mathews ’67 and Theodore V. Wells Jr., J.D.-M.B.A. ’76

The Endowment Eases

In a year of flat investment returns, the endowment declines as distributions support Harvard University operations
David J. Malan in Sanders Theatre, teaching the wildly popular Computer Science 50

Classroom in the Cloud

Harvard begins massive online courses through its edX venture with MIT and Berkeley, aiming to improve education on and beyond campus
Tozzer Library, today

Revitalizing Tozzer

Consolidating the anthropology department by raising the roof and renovating the library

A Victory—and a Campaign

In the dean’s annual report for 2012, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences achieves a budget goal—and sketches its ambitions
Kathryn C. Reed

Unsettled Arrivals

The Undergraduate ponders her hometown, Harvard, and a village in Tanzania.
Jones professor of statistics Xiao-Li Meng, Ph.D. ’90 has been appointed dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


Harvard news: Graduate School dean Xiao-Li Meng, Marc Hauser, University Professor Eric Maskin, and more


Ellen Faran and Gita Manaktala

Press Women

Ellen Faran ’73 and Gita Manaktala ’87 advance knowledge through publishing.

The SIGnboard

Shared Interest Group events in November and December

The Classes

Harvard alumni may sign in to view class notes and obituaries.


The College Pump

The Pennoyer schoolhouse bell, from Pulham St. Mary in England, now at Leverett House

Ipso Facto!

Of the Pennoyer bell, and Harvard Bandsman Allan R. Robinson, Latin librettist